Good Fishing and Good Eating: Jan. 11

It’s not winter fishing season without having the gang from Madison joining us for their annual fishing outing. Fishing today was kind of rough and rainy but with great results. The next best thing about fishing is eating your catch and I was fortunate enough to be included in their end of the fishing day dinner at Waterman’s where they prepared the group’s rockfish 3 ways. Thanks fellas – certainly appreciate your business! Wonder how the poker games turned out?! See you on your next fishing adventure. fishing photo

Slow But Steady: January 9/10

Always appreciate having Ken and his buddies from Ohio book two fishing days with us. Unfortunately Mother Nature interrupted the first day but we traveled down the coast Monday and even though it was tough to make em bite sometimes, they hung in there and brought home all we needed. Another great day of fishing with a super group of guys! Thanks Ken and looking forward to fishing with you in a couple weeks! fishing photo

Too Busy for Pictures: Jan. 8

Although we didn’t win the Rockfish Shootout Tournament, we certainly enjoyed having Matt and his crew aboard fishing with us. There was plenty of action and fat stripers brought over the side. We were lucky enough to have 5 delightful children with us who did some awesome reeling but were too busy for pictures! Kids – a great future for the fishing industry! Appreciate you fishing with us Matt! fishing photo

Alvis Family Day Off: Jan. 6

It’s never easy to get George and his family off of the farm to come fishing with us, but we are always glad when they do! We had to travel down the beach and, while it took awhile, we got our limit of nice size stripers for which we were all thankful. Always good to be with such a nice, hard-working family! Appreciate the business! We’ll be on the lookout for you Danny on the next trip! fishing photo

Fishing for Monsters: Jan. 5

Glad to have Tom and his gang aboard KIT II for another day of monster rockfish!  Always good to have you all join us!  Appreciated your business!

Big Waves…Big Fish: Jan. 3

Fast and furious fishing today, which was a good thing, considering the chop on the Atlantic! Really thank Bob for coming and bringing his group to fish with us. Lots of meat to take home! Appreciate your business! fishing photo

Foggy Fishing: Jan. 2

Here’s a few of the nice big fish we caught. Running down the coast, ran up on some gannet birds that had eaten so much bait they couldn’t get up and fly! Marked the fish, slowed down, and went to work. Thanks Steve for bringing your gang to fish with us…we appreciate your business! fishing photo