Hot Weather, Hot Fishing: July 31

We were glad to have John call us just a few days ago and take advantage of our open Sunday.  He brought a great group and we came into the Bay, we were greeted by a beautiful sunrise.  We were glad the weather and the fish cooperated with us.  We found lots of blues to fish on, bringing home one of our best catches.  Really appreciate having you fish with us John – hope to see you again soon!

A Case of the Blues: July 30

Great having Ken and his crew fish with us.  We picked them up at their rental house dock (Sloop Creek Lodge) just down from our dock and had some chop on the water, and after a slow start, got into the blues to bring home a good catch.  Thanks gang – we appreciate having you fish with us again and hope to see you back on KIT II for another great day on the Bay.

Happy Family Reunion: July 25

Thanks to Bob from Texas who organized his family’s large  family reunion at Westmoreland State Park, which included a fishing trip with us.  We enjoyed having them aboard and brought back plenty of beautiful 2 – 4 lb bluefish for their fish fry!  Appreciate your business and please let us know if you are ever back in the area.

Croakers and Blues: July 23

Thanks George for sending your car specialists down to fish with us.  We had a great time and appreciate your business.

Hot, Hot, Hot: July 20

We appreciated having Tim and his gang join us today.  The bay was slick calm, the temps were high and we caught and released about 35 stripers and kept a nice catch of croakers.  Thanks men for spending the day with us and look forward to having you back.

Neighborly Fishing: July 17

Glad to have my neighbor Don and some of his family members join us for a day’s fishing.  Though the waters were choppy, we managed a nice catch, including some beautiful flounder and croaker.  Appreciate having you all aboard with us!

Beautiful Bay Day: July 16

Thanks Rick for bringing your gang and fishing with us again.  Fishing was slow but we managed to have a good day, including some croakers, blues, flounder, and a baby cobia, which we successfully release.  Appreciate your business!


From Pennsylvania to Tangier Island: July 14

We had the pleasure of taking the Schaibles, who vacationed in Fleeton from Pennsylvania, to Tangier Island for a visit.  They took advantage of touring the island and enjoying lunch at Lorraine’s.  A great time with a great group…we appreciate them chartering KIT II for the day!

From Alabama to Tangier Island: July 12

We were so glad to have the chance to take the Lloyd family from Alabama and friends out on the Bay.  After fishing, which included this nice group of croakers, we stopped in Tangier for a delicious meal and tour of the island.  Certainly appreciate having them aboard!

Flounder, Fun, and Fireworks: July 3

We had a great trip with Tab and his family for their 4th of July gathering.  We released lots of stripers and had a nice catch of flounder, croakers, and blues.  Great folks, great trip!  Appreciate your business!