Gettin’ the Job Done: October 30

On the way out from the dock, we found the fish right at the end of the jetties – nice size strippers!  We wacked ’em and stacked ’em and the group said, “We have to go back to DC – let’s go!”  So, we did!  Thanks for coming and bringing a great crew Don!  Appreciate it…come again soon!

Chesapeake Bay Honeymoon: October 22

Congratulations to Ollie and John from West Virginia on their marriage!  They decided to enjoy fishing on the Bay with us as a honeymoon getaway.  We picked them up at Sloop Creek Lodge and we headed out for a picture perfect fall day.  After getting our limit of stripers early, we headed after blues, a little tough.  Nice meeting and spending the day with such good folks.

Inspite of the Wind: October 15

Really glad to have Shannon and Steve join us for a trip during their weekend visit.  Fishing was wide open out the shoot and they kept busy.  The wind picked up so we couldn’t go get our good sized blues but did our best at giving these nice folks a good fishing experience.  We appreciated having them fish with us and thank them for buying some of our FAT ‘N HAPPY oysters that we raise (we even shucked a few back at the dock as a sampling) – fish and oysters for dinner…ummmm!  Thanks again – appreciate your business!

How to Spend a Day Off: October 14

We really enjoyed taking these fine folks on a well deserved day off from hospital duties. Rockfishing was wide open…blues were hard to find.  We had a successful day and were glad to see the smiles in addition to a good catch.  Certainly appreciate them boarding the bus at 4:15am to fish with us – we hope you’ll come again!  Thanks.

Lucky Kids: October 13

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to help transport school groups who work with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in learning about the Bay.  It is always fun to take a group of our local seventh grade students who work with their teacher, Dr. Matt Sisk, on discovering the value of the Bay and the importance of protecting this valuable resource.  On the way over, we saw the Godspeed heading down the Bay back to Jamestown and took the time to get an closeup view.  On the way back, Dr. Sisk, who does a great job at looking after his kids, set out a “sandwich bar” for the kids, who were plenty hungry and a bit weary!

The Godspeed: October 11

You just never know what boat traffic you will see on the Chesapeake Bay!  The Godspeed, heading back to Jamestown – what a treat!

Brothers and Friends: October 9

Always good to have Ric and his party fish with us.  Especially good to see his brother Danny healthy and back on the fish.  Fishing was a little hard but we were very happy to have these guys aboard – they knew how to get ’em!  Appreciate your business Ric.

Another Good Trip: October 8

We enjoyed having Stan and his group travel such a long way to fish with us!  It was a picture perfect day on the Bay and the fishing was great.  Thanks fellas for a great trip…we appreciate your business!

Persistence: October 7

Glad to have Mr. Hammond back aboard today with his gang.  Thanks to the persistence and hard fishing by Clay and his crew, we brought home a nice striper catch.  As you can see, Mr. H spent some time trying to learn to relax!  Appreciate the trip fellows!

Nice Reunion: October 1

I was very glad to see these boys after being absent for 16 years!  Robert and his gang left home at midnight to come and fish with me again and we gave them the best day we could.  After limiting out on rockfish, we went on to troll and caught 70 nices blues, 2 mackerel, and 1 tarpon (the first I’ve ever seen in our area).  Thank you Robert for coming back…just don’t wait so long again!  Appreciate your business.