Fun Fall Fishin’: November 22

Glad to have Wayne and his group fish with us.  We kept them busy with the stripers and appreciate having them aboard.  Hurry back gang!

Girls Day Out: November 20

Another good fishing day for the girls’ annual trip…cool and rough but the fish don’t mind a bit!  Good to have you all back and look forward to next year.  Appreciate your business!



Getting Bigger: November 18

Thank you Don for bringing the guys down to fish with us again.  Appreciate your business and look forward to next year.

A Great Day from Mother Nature: November 15

Thanks so much to Jimmy and his crew for taking time out of their busy work schedule to fish with us.  The rockfish cooperated as did the weather to give us another good day on the Bay.  Appreciate your business!

Chumming Still Good: November 13

We had a hard southwest wind today for David and his group but they hung in there.  Fishing turned out to be really good.  We got our limit and headed back across the Bay.  Appreciate you fishing with us David and hope to see you again back aboard KIT II.



Here’s to our Veterans: November 12

Today we honored our Veterans by again fishing with retired Marine Sgt. Chuck Jones, a  Korean war veteran.  We had a great day chumming with plenty of rock.   A great day with a great bunch of guys!  Appreciate fishing with you all!


Plenty of Rock: November 10


Really good to have Dave bring his crew to fish with us.  Once the fog lifted, we caught plenty of stripers and released plenty after catching our limit.  Certainly appreciate having these fellows fish with us and look forward to our next trip.

Sunday’s Fishing: November 6



Thanks Gary for bringing your group to fish with us!  Enjoyed having you all aboard and look forward to a return trip.  Appreciate your business.




Good Fall Fishin’: November 4

Really glad to have Gary and his crew fish with us.  We had a beautiful start to the day, limiting out on nice size stripers before the wind breezed up.  A great day with a great group of men.  Certainly appreciate you fishing with us Gary!

Chesapeake Sunrise: November 4

Worth getting on the water early!