A Good Day’s Work: January 31

Glad to have JR and his crew fish with us today.  We had a good start and then had to wait til the afternoon before the fish decided it was time to eat!  Patience paid off and we returned to the dock with a great catch, including a 42 lb citation caught by Richard.  Congratulations to our great group of anglers…appreciate your business and look forward to having you back aboard.

Dark to Dark: January 30

Today we had the pleasure of having Frank and his gang aboard again.  We tried to get them a tuna.  We missed the tuna but got the rock.  We also had a spectacular whale show, breaching out of the water…flippers flipping…cameras snapping!  But, a good long day is better than a short, bad day!  Sorry no pictures except for this one of us heading back to the inlet!  We appreciate you fishing with us Frank…enjoy all those good rockfish filets!

Fishin’: January 29

Appreciate Rich and his gang coming to fish with us today.  It was a beautiful day with plenty of bait, whales everywhere, birds…but just couldn’t get the fish to bite.  Managed to bring in this beauty but sorry to say that was it.  Thank you Rich for making the trip.

Tough Day: January 27

Glad to have Cliff back again with a great fishing crew.  Fishing was hard and the weather was real tough – heavy rain, heavy wind.  Wish things worked out differently, but we managed to get enough for everyone to have a good dinner.  Really appreciate you making the trip and look forward to fishing with you next year.  Thanks Cliff.

Got ‘Em Good: January 26

Appreciate having Bill and his gang fish with us today.  Fishing was on…got our limit of 16 in good time.  Looking forward to staying at the beach into February as long as the fish are here.  Thanks fellows for joining us.

Wide Open: January 25

Sure good to see the rockfish back in range and plenty of them!  Appreciate having Brian bring his group to fish with us today.  Got our limit of 14 and the boys even had time for a round of golf!  Thanks Brian – look forward to fishing with you all again.

Tuna Quest: January 24

We had all the big reels set for tuna fishing today.  We trolled all day and caught and released around 35 rockfish, some as big as 45 pounds!  Where did all the tuna go?  We’ll be after ’em again soon.  Whales were rolling everywhere!  Thanks Lewis for bringing your folks down…we appreciate your business…see you soon.

Long Day, Long Ride: January 20

Appreciate having our neighbor Don bring his friends to the beach to fish with us today.  Finally got into a few fish late in the day.  Beautiful day…enjoyed having them.  Thank you so much for your business!

All About Quality – Four State Citations: January 19

Congratulations to Bruce and his able fishing crew on a great day aboard KIT II…we brought 5 huge fish back to the dock…4 of them were state citations weighing from 42 to 45 lbs.  Really enjoyed having you fish with us and hope you will be back again.  Appreciate your business!

Just look at the filets Sterling got from those monsters!

Good, Steady Fishing: January 16

After smashing the fish early yesterday, getting our limit of 16, today fishing was good…just took awhile longer to fill the box with our limit.  Glad to have Ken, Stan, and the crew aboard with us again this year.  Lots of fish, lots of fun.  Appreciate it very much.