Right Turn, Wrong Turn: January 14

Today, we started off making a right turn out of the jetties that ended up being a wrong turn!  The good news was we turned around…and it turned out great.  We got our limit of nice size rock!  Appreciate having Tom and Larry back for their second day with us with their group of twelve.  Thanks and look forward to same time next year again.

Rockin’ and Rollin’: January 13

Larry, Tom, and their gang caught beautiful rockfish at the top of the waves and at the bottom of the waves today, which was a considerable amount of distance!  We caught plenty, reaching our limit, no one was sick…everyone was happy! Appreciate having them aboard fishing with us.


A Beautiful Bird Show: January 12

After fishing among the birds this morning, couldn’t resist taking a picture of the incredible bird show from the condo balcony after I got in!

Eat at Big Sam’s!: January 12

We are lucky to have BIG SAM’S restaurant as our marina neighbor (about 45 steps away from KIT II). Open at 6am during rockfish season for the best breakfast in town, plus delicious lunches and dinners, happy hour specials, and the friendliest staff around…anytime is a good time at BIG SAM’S!  Tell ’em Capt. Danny sent you!

Here's the real Big Sam with Capt. Danny!

Just one of the reasons folks love Big Sam's!

Bonnie loves Big Sam's!

Fast and Furious: January 12

Today it was wide open almost straight out of the shoot!  David and his group made the long trip from the mountains and are taking home pounds and pounds of fat rockfish filets!  Reached our limit in very little time…a good day for all.  Thanks David for bringing your gang and look forward to next year…appreciate your business!

Wide Open: January 11

Good to have Walter join us today with some old friends, including John and Robert Norton, who’s showing off  two of our nice stripers today.  Fishing with old friends was great –  fishing was like old times…wide open!  Appreciate the trip Walter.

Morning Skies at Rudee: January 11

KIT II heading out of Rudee Inlet for another great day!

Madison Coffee Gang Strikes Again: January 10

Another great trip with some of the coffee gang from Orange-Madison Co-op.  A beautiful day on the water.  Some of the best fish catching and whale watching of the season so far!  This 47lb. state citation was the biggest of our rockfish limit.  Couldn’t have asked for a nicer day or a nicer group.  Appreciate it fellas…same time next year!

Mary at Virginia Beach Fishing Center busy doing our citation paperwork!

Patience Paid Off: January 9

We had a good day with Frank and his partners.  Fish bit hard for awhile and then quit and had to wait awhile for them to get hungry again, but they did…we ended the day with our limit, including 2 state citations-46 lbs. and 40 lbs.  Appreciate you fishing with us Frank!

A Great Family Day: January 8

Always glad to have Travis and his family fish with us. Big fish…big smiles.  Even the baby (yet to be born) helped Mom to wind in two big fish!  Appreciate you making the trip and look forward to having you back again!