248lb TUNA ON KIT II: February 1

AN INCREDIBLE DAY ABOARD KIT II TODAY!!!  Congratulations to Eddie Comer, who fished with us today as part of Jack and his Sleepy Hollow Tree Service group.  Lucky for us that Eddie was a strong man because he fought for 4 hours, with much support from his fishing team, to finally land a 248 lb  79 inch bluefin!!!  Backwards, forwards, sideways…we went in all directions, following our catch, determined to not be like “The Old Man and the Sea!”  As mate, Sterling knew just what to do and we all worked hard together.  With the help of the gaff and the rope we looped around his tail, 5 of us pulled him up over the side of the boat, producing a loud thump and tremendous vibration! An incredible first for me and for KIT II…oh, did we mention that we caught the tuna on a roof rod (very tough to get down) rigged for rock with a Shimano reel, 100lb line with a 30lb backer!  And…that action was a followup to the 4 hefty rockfish we had already caught in the morning – a great catch considering how tough fishing has been the past few days.  Here’s to teamwork – a memorable day indeed!

KIT II heading out.

One Comment on “248lb TUNA ON KIT II: February 1”

  1. Kevin Haynie says:

    Congratulations Danny, awesome catch

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