A Day on the Bay: May 26

We wish the fishing could have been better for this group of young fellows, who drive quite a distance every year to join us.  We worked hard to find them plenty of fish but came up short.  The weather was on our side so spending the day on the Bay was itself a good thing.  And, we are so glad they helped my special friend Miss Kate celebrate her 90th birthday by singing Happy Birthday to her as we passed by the dock where our neighbors were having her birthday party!  Thanks so much for making the trip with us…we appreciate your business and will work just as hard next year to fill the box!

Good Family, Good Fishing: May 25

We appreciate having Janny’s family join us for an afternoon on the Bay.  It’s always a treat to take kids fishing!  We caught ’em along and brought home a nice catch.  Thanks for fishing with us!

A Long, Good Day: May 22

Clearly, fish don’t use the same time clock as we do!  We were very glad to see John back aboard KIT II.  We were glad that he brought along his fine family – a fine veteran who we thank for proudly serving his country, and his beautiful wife.  They were incredibly patient as we all put in a long day.  Finally, we found our fish and had no problem catching our limit with plenty of throw back action.  Hard work and patience paid off late in the day.  The rainbow we saw on our way out was a good sign indeed.  Thank you John…we appreciate your business!

Good Fishing: May 21

A big thanks to Don and his tournament fishing crew, Rusty and his firefighter gang, Tom and his group, as well as Charles and his folks…we worked hard trying to find plenty of fish and sometimes fighting against the weather, only to come up short last week.  We appreciate their patience and look forward to getting ’em good next time.

The good news today is chumming really picked up for Joe and his gang.  We caught plenty of rock with blues mixed in.  We thank Joe for fishing with us all these years and look forward to the next one!  Appreciate your business!

42nd Blessing of the Fleet: May 6

Today we were fortunate enough to spend the day off on the water as we headed to Reedville by boat to enjoy the Blessing of the Fleet.  The ceremony was held at the stack on the Omega Protein grounds and began with a boat parade, followed by special prayers, singing, and speakers, all offering blessings to the menhaden fleet, captains, pilots, and all those who work on the water for a safe and productive season.

“O God of the heights and depths, of the wind and waves, your Spirit swept over the face of the waters at creation, and you made us all in your image.  You have sent people to sea throughout the ages.  Your Son Jesus called his disciples from a group of humble fishermen.  Guide us as we worship today, that we may send these people and ships out to fish again with your blessing.  We pray our Lord Jesus Christ, the Chief Fisher of men, to give them, and all who go upon the water, his love and protection, to keep them safe in their work and recreation, and bring them back to us with all hands.  In Christ’s name we pray.”

Slow Fishing: May 4

Fishing was slow today for Mike and his gang, but fortunately the weather was perfect and we had a great crew with lots of patience and happy attitudes.  We ended up with some nice fish…just not all we wanted.  Thank you Mike for bringing your folks back to fish on KIT II – we look forward to fishing with you again!  We appreciate your business!