42nd Blessing of the Fleet: May 6

Today we were fortunate enough to spend the day off on the water as we headed to Reedville by boat to enjoy the Blessing of the Fleet.  The ceremony was held at the stack on the Omega Protein grounds and began with a boat parade, followed by special prayers, singing, and speakers, all offering blessings to the menhaden fleet, captains, pilots, and all those who work on the water for a safe and productive season.

“O God of the heights and depths, of the wind and waves, your Spirit swept over the face of the waters at creation, and you made us all in your image.  You have sent people to sea throughout the ages.  Your Son Jesus called his disciples from a group of humble fishermen.  Guide us as we worship today, that we may send these people and ships out to fish again with your blessing.  We pray our Lord Jesus Christ, the Chief Fisher of men, to give them, and all who go upon the water, his love and protection, to keep them safe in their work and recreation, and bring them back to us with all hands.  In Christ’s name we pray.”

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