Got ‘Em Good: April 27

We had a great day with Corey and his gang.  Started out with a bang, slowed down some, but had no trouble getting our limit, including a state citation fish and a very happy crew!  Appreciate your business Corey!IMG_2230

Rough Start, Great Finish: April 26

Hard winds had us leaving late but the weather got pretty and we got our limit early.  The first fish of the day was caught by Larry on a rod his son had made for him!!  One citation, great folks, delicious rockfish for dinner thanks to Larry!  Appreciate your business!IMG_2226IMG_2228

More Citations: April 25

Marty, Randy, and crew joined us for a great time – up to 40 pound citations!  Thanks guys…appreciate your business!IMG_2224101

Hanging In There: April 24

More wind for Ward and his crew, who hung in there, bringing home a solid catch, including citations.  Well done gang…appreciate your business!IMG_2221

Windy but Worth It: April 22

In spite of the winds, we were able to snag a good catch rock, including citations.  Congratulations to Wes and his crew…appreciate your business!photo

Patience Pays Off: April 21

We traveled across the Bay with Ken and his crew and brought home a great catch! Thanks Ken for the great write-up in the Fredericksburg paper…appreciate your business!photo

column – April 24, 2014 – Ken Perrotte

Strong Start on the Big Fish!: April 19

Trophy rockfish season has gotten off to a great start!  Dave and his crew had a rock solid day.  Appreciate your business!photophoto

OPENING DAY APRIL 19th!: Apr. 15

Finally, after a long winter, KIT II is ready to go as we put the finishing touches on her!!  Plenty of bait…gannet birds working on the bait…looks like it’s going to be goooood fishing!  Looking forward to having you join us for a great season!!  Give us a call…appreciate your business!photoKIT II2KIT II