Got ‘Em Good: April 27

We had a great day with Corey and his gang.  Started out with a bang, slowed down some, but had no trouble getting our limit, including a state citation fish and a very happy crew!  Appreciate your business Corey!IMG_2230

Rough Start, Great Finish: April 26

Hard winds had us leaving late but the weather got pretty and we got our limit early.  The first fish of the day was caught by Larry on a rod his son had made for him!!  One citation, great folks, delicious rockfish for dinner thanks to Larry!  Appreciate your business!IMG_2226IMG_2228

More Citations: April 25

Marty, Randy, and crew joined us for a great time – up to 40 pound citations!  Thanks guys…appreciate your business!IMG_2224101

Hanging In There: April 24

More wind for Ward and his crew, who hung in there, bringing home a solid catch, including citations.  Well done gang…appreciate your business!IMG_2221

Windy but Worth It: April 22

In spite of the winds, we were able to snag a good catch rock, including citations.  Congratulations to Wes and his crew…appreciate your business!photo

Patience Pays Off: April 21

We traveled across the Bay with Ken and his crew and brought home a great catch! Thanks Ken for the great write-up in the Fredericksburg paper…appreciate your business!photo

column – April 24, 2014 – Ken Perrotte

Strong Start on the Big Fish!: April 19

Trophy rockfish season has gotten off to a great start!  Dave and his crew had a rock solid day.  Appreciate your business!photophoto