Our Box Runneth Over!: January 13

We battled the fog again today with Stan and his fishing team but came out on top with our limit of stripers, which included two citation fish – 44 lbs and 44.5 lbs!  Couldn’t even get ’em all in the box!  The guys worked hard – what a pay off!  Great job men…appreciate your business!1-13-13f1-13-13a1-13-13e1-13-13d

FINALLY!!! January 12

Finally, after a few last successful December trips with no camera, gale warning cancellations, the rockfish moved inside the three-mile line in Virginia Beach and we brought a proud catch!  Until today, we have been fishing for tuna with several bites.  Glad to have Bob and his crew fish with us today.  The thick fog made for a tough day, but we worked hard and Bob’s gang brought in a 2 state citations for their 42″ and 49″ fish in with their catch.  Appreciate your business Bob and look forward to fishing with you next year.  THINGS ARE LOOKING UP!!!1-12-13a1-12-13c1-12-13d1-12-13b

Happy New Year! January 1


Sunrise on Tangier Island aboard KIT II

Sunrise on Tangier Island aboard KIT II

Out with a Bang: February 6

The Virginia Beach Winter Fishing Season was very good to us overall.  We had a great time and got a huge bonus there at the end!

We had excellent teamwork this year and certainly appreciate all the folks who fished with us and looking forward to the

SPRING TROPHY SEASON IN THE CHESAPEAKE BAY, which opens APRIL 21! Give us a call and get on the books!

KIT IIheading home leaving Virginia Beach and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in the distance.KIT II on the hill...takin' a break.


248lb TUNA ON KIT II: February 1

AN INCREDIBLE DAY ABOARD KIT II TODAY!!!  Congratulations to Eddie Comer, who fished with us today as part of Jack and his Sleepy Hollow Tree Service group.  Lucky for us that Eddie was a strong man because he fought for 4 hours, with much support from his fishing team, to finally land a 248 lb  79 inch bluefin!!!  Backwards, forwards, sideways…we went in all directions, following our catch, determined to not be like “The Old Man and the Sea!”  As mate, Sterling knew just what to do and we all worked hard together.  With the help of the gaff and the rope we looped around his tail, 5 of us pulled him up over the side of the boat, producing a loud thump and tremendous vibration! An incredible first for me and for KIT II…oh, did we mention that we caught the tuna on a roof rod (very tough to get down) rigged for rock with a Shimano reel, 100lb line with a 30lb backer!  And…that action was a followup to the 4 hefty rockfish we had already caught in the morning – a great catch considering how tough fishing has been the past few days.  Here’s to teamwork – a memorable day indeed!

KIT II heading out.

A Good Day’s Work: January 31

Glad to have JR and his crew fish with us today.  We had a good start and then had to wait til the afternoon before the fish decided it was time to eat!  Patience paid off and we returned to the dock with a great catch, including a 42 lb citation caught by Richard.  Congratulations to our great group of anglers…appreciate your business and look forward to having you back aboard.

Dark to Dark: January 30

Today we had the pleasure of having Frank and his gang aboard again.  We tried to get them a tuna.  We missed the tuna but got the rock.  We also had a spectacular whale show, breaching out of the water…flippers flipping…cameras snapping!  But, a good long day is better than a short, bad day!  Sorry no pictures except for this one of us heading back to the inlet!  We appreciate you fishing with us Frank…enjoy all those good rockfish filets!

Fishin’: January 29

Appreciate Rich and his gang coming to fish with us today.  It was a beautiful day with plenty of bait, whales everywhere, birds…but just couldn’t get the fish to bite.  Managed to bring in this beauty but sorry to say that was it.  Thank you Rich for making the trip.

Tough Day: January 27

Glad to have Cliff back again with a great fishing crew.  Fishing was hard and the weather was real tough – heavy rain, heavy wind.  Wish things worked out differently, but we managed to get enough for everyone to have a good dinner.  Really appreciate you making the trip and look forward to fishing with you next year.  Thanks Cliff.

Got ‘Em Good: January 26

Appreciate having Bill and his gang fish with us today.  Fishing was on…got our limit of 16 in good time.  Looking forward to staying at the beach into February as long as the fish are here.  Thanks fellows for joining us.